The Intec Group

intec-mold-vac-video1Kaye Whiting from the Intec Group has been using Mold-Vac machines for his molding process for years now. Kaye was recently interviewed about his experience with the Mold-Vac’s, watch and listen to how his injection molding process is benefitting from it.



“The Mold-Vac solved our venting problems, it works!”

Got Gas?




Are you experiencing issues with gas or air entrapment in your mold or having problems with plugged vent pins? At one time or another all molders have issues with gas & air entrapment, not to mention plugged vents due to residue build-up. Adding additional venting doesn’t always solve the problem . . . That’s where a Mold-Vac comes in. The Mold-Vac is designed to eliminate problems with gas & air entrapment. Built specifically to eliminate part burns, keep your vent pins clean, and reduce your reject rates.

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